Galejay is proud to be sponsoring 50 over Fifty, which is a brand-new initiative that celebrates the contribution of women over 50 to the UK insurance industry. The initiative was devised with the aim of addressing the intersectionality between gender and ageism, and to profile insurance as a welcoming and supportive industry that actively develops the careers of women aged 50 and over. 


The reason why the initiative is focussed specifically on women aged 50 and over is because unfortunately, current data shows that they are a group of people who are impacted negatively in numerous ways, including the gender pay gap and lack of senior-level opportunities. However, the 50 over Fifty initiative provides an opportunity to give women over 50 within the insurance industry the recognition that they deserve and show them that their efforts do not go unnoticed.


The initiative requires women who are currently working in the UK insurance industry and aged 50 and over, to be nominated via the nomination form. Fifty women, from a diverse cross-section, will then be selected, and their images and biographies will be exhibited with the aim of highlighting the great work undertaken by women over 50, from all levels and all parts of the insurance industry. The exhibition will launch on June 9th with an event at WTW in London.


Galejay has sponsored 50 over Fifty because we understand the importance of working towards breaking the gender and age bias, helping to create an industry that makes everybody feel supported and valued. Gary Forster, the Managing Director of Galejay stated “I’m so proud that Galejay is a sponsor of 50 over Fifty, as it is such an incredible initiative that is striving towards making the insurance industry a more inclusive place to work. This is our first sponsorship, and I am excited to see the progress that this initiative will make in working towards breaking the gender and age bias within our industry.”


For more information on the 50 over Fifty initiative check out their website and follow them on LinkedIn.

The 50 over Fifty – Intro Flyer