Searching for a new job is an exhausting process, which can take a lot of emotional and physical energy. Many aspects associated with the job search process, like worrying about finances, not hearing back about jobs, or being rejected, can really affect mental health.

We have put together some tips on how you can support your mental wellbeing and avoid burnout throughout the job-hunting process.


Establish a routine

It’s easy to let the job search consume you, so why not establish a healthy work-life balance when searching for your next role?

Have set hours in which you apply for jobs with regular breaks and ensure that you don’t neglect other parts of your life during this period. It’s important to make time to do things that you enjoy and bring you joy.

Set realistic goals

Try to focus on breaking down your job search into small goals which will help you to feel like you are making progress and help boost your motivation. Why not try setting yourself one small goal to work towards completing each day? Here are some small goals that you may want to add to your list:

-Update your CV

-Send off a job application

-Add more information to your LinkedIn profile.


Ask for help

It is normal to feel isolated whilst going through the job searching process (many people do!) so it’s important that you reach out for support when you need it. Maybe ask someone to look over your CV, practise interview questions with you or you may just need them to be there for moral support. It can also be helpful to let your network know that you are searching for a new role as they may be able to help you get access to jobs that you can’t find online.


Don’t take rejection personally

Rejection can be difficult to deal with and can knock your confidence but unfortunately it is a part of the job-hunting process. Try not to take the rejection personally and use the rejection as a learning opportunity. If they have provided you with feedback use it to help you understand how you can improve and work on making those improvements in time for your next interview.


 Don’t give up

Our final tip is don’t give up! The job-hunting process takes time and energy, but your hard work will pay off and when you get that job offer you will be grateful that you carried on. It is extremely important to look after your mental health while job hunting so try to apply our tips to help make the process easier and less over whelming.