Staying motivated during your job search can be challenging. The process may be taking longer than you expected or companies may not be replying to the applications that you have spent hours completing. Although the situation may be frustrating it is important that you find ways to stay motivated. We have listed 4 tips to help keep you motivated during the search for your next role.


Set yourself measurable and achievable goals:

Set yourself small goals each morning to achieve by the end of the day, as this will allow you to track your progress and help you to feel productive in your job search. It is important to make sure the goals you are setting are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). For instance, you could make it your goal to update your CV or to complete one new job application each day.


Find purpose in your job search:

Having a greater purpose guiding you in your job search can help keep you motivated. Try to identify the goals that getting a new job will help you to achieve. Clearly identifying your desired end goals will provide you with the purpose that you need to carry on searching for your next role.


Handle rejection constructively:

Getting rejected for a job that you wanted can be extremely disheartening however, you must not take the rejection personally and instead use it as a learning opportunity, and a way to improve. Request feedback from the hiring manager as to why you were not chosen for the job and take note of the weaknesses that you can do something about. Create a plan of how you can overcome these weaknesses to enable you to perform better in the future.


Try to stay positive:

To avoid feeling overwhelmed or frustrated in your job search, make sure you are taking time out to do things that you enjoy. If you start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, remind yourself of the knowledge and skills that you have acquired and what you have accomplished in your life so far. Remember that the situation that you are in is only temporary and the right opportunity for you is out there, you just need to work towards finding it.