Reporting to the External reporting manager

Forecasting planning and analysis
  • Working on the mid-term business planning process and reforecast of plan as and when required by head office.
  • Preparing the Technical P&L forecast to our insurer and the MGA business plan:
  • Working with the insurance technical accountant on the quarterly roll forward and update of the forecast data sets for the Capacity’s GAAP position, Reinsurer treaties and MGA result
  • Analysis of result by segment/ business stream (our MGU partners), as early warning indicator of deviation from plan
  • Assist in preparation of Branch and MGA actual result (expenses and commissions)
  • Monitor scheme performance against plan with a view to reporting any deviation above target loss ratio
  • Liaising with client account manager and underwriters for performance benchmarking to plan
  • Commentary to head office on the forecasts and actual performance
  • Attendance at Head Office/ Capacity meetings to discuss the forecast results
  • Assisting with the underlying analysis for reporting to various governance committees regarding monthly/ quarterly/ annual forecast to actual performance of the MGA and Group


  • Monitoring reconciliation of data from MGA monthly bordereaux to capacity quarterly actuals, and using actual performance to reforecast the remainder of the calendar year/ treaty
  • Confirming the treaty statements sent between capacity and reinsurer align to the MGA forecast data
  • Working with the insurance technical accountant on reconciliation of forecast and actual data held on ECON to MGA forecasts
  • Preparing treaty numbers and treaty allocations (profit share/ LoB splits)
  • Maintenance of robust control environment


Solvency II
  • Planning, organisation and coordination of the data from Germany, loading to FSAssist software to generate XBRL data file for submission to BEEDs portal


  • Performance reporting (monthly – by underwriting year) on most material schemes.  GWP volumes and premium values, the claims incurred in the month, the large loss allowance and the IBNR. 
  • Actual vs Expected analysis against the forecast on GAAP basis.   Business partnering to liaise with the Head of Commercial to understand the variance between the monthly scheme performance and the forecast scheme performance.  Reports are delivered to the Executive Management Committee of the MGA.
  • Building performance packs (more standardised ones) for our other schemes and using the information to drive business growth proposals, in collaboration with the MI team.


  • Preparing the calculation of loss fund/ commission clawback and profit shares for scheme partners.
  • Assist in due diligence around onboarding new business schemes
  • Participate in requisite governance/compliance/ CPD training as required
  • Updating risk register/ incident log as and when a risk/ event arises
  • Other ad hoc tasks (e.g. organising inflationary analysis to be produced by the MGA in response to group requests)


  • Ability to review and challenge data 
  • Confident in building/ maintaining robust control environment
  • Firm understanding of the insurance product life cycle 
  • Intermediate Office skills (Excel focus)
  • Ability to recognise control deficits and work to strengthen those around the reporting environment reducing inherent risk to the business


  • Ability to input into the MGA’s digital journey, specifically:
  • Input into any system/ process to streamline and automate processes
  • Once the forecast data are held within the data warehouse part of this role would be to build the P&L directly from the DW output and run in parallel to the actuals and forecast data we hold on excel to ensure data integrity / account for variance.
  • Work with management accountant to build an appropriate allocation for the expenses within the MGA to scheme partner (brokers) to understand which area would be key to focus on (automate to reduce costs/ cease writing as unprofitable at an operating level (while it may be profitable at technical result level).


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