Reports to: Executive Director – Capital, Planning & Projects

Department/Team: Capital & Planning

Location: UK or Bermuda

Travel Required: Travel to other offices and locations, as required

Position Type: Full Time


Role Description:

The company is a dynamic insurance company, providing legacy and capital solutions to the insurance industry. Its projected financial results and capital positions are important both internally and externally.

The Senior Modeler will assist the Executive Director in defining, developing, and controlling the Group’s dynamic Strategic Forecasting Model (“SFM”). The SFM will help shape the business strategy of the group, projecting the current business financial results and helping the internal and external stakeholders understand and project the financial/capital implications of various business strategies, the macro-economic environment, and stresses.

The SFM will project detailed income statements, balance sheets, cashflow statements, and capital positions for the Group and its entities given the module inputs (Capital, Reserving, Expenses, Investments, New Business etc). The Role will therefore involve working closely with the Group’s Finance, Actuarial, Risk & Compliance, and Business Generation teams, and provides a unique opportunity to help shape the strategic direction of the Group.

In addition, the Role will include supporting the Group Head of Capital Management in the development of robust dynamic models to stress the Group’s future capital requirements under various scenarios and support the Capital and Planning team in analysis of strategic initiatives as they relate to capital optimization, financing, and deal support.


Main Responsibilities:
  • The design and development of the SFM, including reviewing the existing business model inputs, outputs, scenario analysis, and enhancing/rebuilding the model to meet the current needs of the business and its stakeholders.
  • Documentation of the SFM design and process.
  • Update of the SFM quarterly and ad-hoc for major business changes (such as new business transactions), with reporting and presentation of the output, key scenarios, sensitivity, and explanations of Actual v Expected.
  • Working alongside group functions to ensure SFM inputs are clearly defined, explained, and robust. Back testing of assumptions over time to ensure the model is forecasting with a high level of accuracy.
  • Working closely with group functions to ensure the outputs are presented timely, and concisely to internal and external stakeholders (e.g., Executive Management Team, Investors, Regulators)
  • The development of scenario and sensitivity analysis around the model
  • Work alongside Capital and Planning colleagues to support and manage other modelling needs
  • Contribute to capital management and investment initiatives, including those relating to Asset Liability Matching, Group capital & investment optimisation, intragroup reinsurance, portfolio optimisation, and capital structuring.


Experience & Key Skills Required
  • Excellent IT skills including extremely high proficiency in Excel. Other application skills may be beneficial.
  • Previous finance or actuarial experience within the insurance industry is a strong advantage
  • Experience of financial/capital modelling is a strong preference
  • Strong commercial awareness, including the ability to understand the impact of key business decisions on the financial position.
  • Strong report drafting and communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with senior stakeholders.
  • Able to build strong relationships and work effectively with a number of different teams across the Group.
  • Strong organisational skills and ability to manage different and moving priorities. • Personable and strong team player.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Diligent, self-driven, and organised, with excellent time management skills.


Company Values

We value each other.

We are inclusive, supportive, and caring towards all our colleagues.

We are collaborative and inclusive.

We have trust in each other, and we work together to achieve a common goal and vision. We communicate transparently to support this.

We are empowered and accountable.

We have pride in delivering our work and have a real desire to achieve our individual, team, and company goals.

We are progressive and innovative.

We work continuously grow and improve as individuals and as an overall company.

We are authentic.

We are ourselves; we are individuals, and we bring our full selves to work.


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