Many companies recognise that recruiting new employees can be a time-consuming and costly process, that uses up a significant amount of internal resources, which rarely offers any guarantees, hence employers often seek specialists support to help them with their hiring strategies. This article explores some of the business benefits of using a recruitment consultancy.


The Business Benefits of using a Recruitment Consultancy:


1. Time Saver

Looking through job applications can be an extremely time-consuming and tedious process. A recruitment consultancy will save time by identifying the applicants that best meet the job requirements, so employers only need to spend time reviewing the ones worthy of their consideration. Recruitment consultancies also take care of the administrative tasks involved in the hiring process including communicating with applicants, notifying those who are unsuccessful, and providing feedback.


2. Ability to Identify Talent

Recruitment consultancies are experts at filtering candidates so that only those who are fully qualified for the role are shortlisted. Recruiters do this by discussing with employers the skills and attributes that the ideal candidate will possess, and by gaining an understanding of the company culture to refine their search and filtering processes. Recruiters also have strong networks and knowledge of where to find suitable individuals, so they can put forward the most talented candidates who can do the job.


3. Industry Insight

Recruitment consultancies have expert industry knowledge and job market insights, which are invaluable to hiring managers when developing their recruitment strategies. Here at Galejay, we have extensive knowledge in finance, accountancy, and business change so we know how to search for, and identify, the most talented candidates in these sectors.

Furthermore, recruiters work closely with both employers and candidates, so they understand both needs and expectations, meaning that they can match candidates with roles accordingly.


4. Marketing

It can be challenging for an organisation to market their job vacancies to effectively reach and entice the right candidates. When Galejay agrees to recruit on behalf of your business we tailor-make a marketing campaign for that particular recruitment drive which includes:

  • Leveraging our unrivalled personal networks that have been built up over 30 years
  • Advertising your role on our website
  • LinkedIn:

– Targeting relevant talent

– Marketing via LinkedIn

– Contacting existing clients and candidates for referrals


Using a recruitment consultancy to provide support in the development of hiring strategies offers many business benefits, however, to gain these benefits organisations must choose the right recruitment consultancy.

Galejay was established in 2018 and we promptly positioned ourselves as a premium recruitment service. We use our knowledge and contacts to approach the best talent within finance, claims, compliance, and business change sectors, whilst making the hiring process as stress-free as possible, for both the client and candidate.

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